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Impartial and independent media reporter of the Bulgarian Package, Printing and Converting Industry

The Package, Printing & Converting Magazine is a specialized bimonthly publication in full color, providing information on engineering, technological and trade novelties, developments, achievements and shortcomings in the realms of printing and packaging, as well as the supplies and consumables.

The challenge in front of the present-day editorial and printing teams of the Package, Printing & Converting Magazine is to have the outstanding name and reputation of the magazine still further established as the leading publication all over the Balkan Peninsula within the category of highly specialized magazines in the realms of the packaging and printing industries, having no analogues or rivals as to the choice of topics as well as its conceptual policy as to design and layout.

The info data offered to the Reader is being split and subdivided into several separate topics, such as: supplies, and consumables, packaging, printing, press units and equipment, technological novelties, standards and practice requirements, environmental control, research and development, regional and international events, etc. within the table of contents of each number published. The Magazine is unique of its kind, as its pages give you the· scientific, and technological achievements as well as the latest·· novelties in the field of printing (Offset, Flexo, Rotogravure), as well as packaging made of Folding Cartons, Corrugated Paperboards, Moulded products, Flexible Packaging, etc.

The readers of the Package, Printing & Converting Magazine are practically all the active participants and actors of the Balkan countries market: manufacturers, users, wholesale and retail dealers, promotion and advertising agencies, printing houses, plant and equipment manufacturers, importers of plant and equipment for the printing as well as the packaging industries. Having taken into consideration the close correlation between packaging and printing, we are trying to provide a magazine equally well oriented towards the interests of all the experts of the Balkan Region and Bulgaria, in fact towards all its readers, such as:

  • Managers at top or medium executive levels;
  • Private entrepreneurs, and engineering maintenance, or shop-floor managerial staff, to whom the magazine would be a tool for updating their knowledge;
  • Young people without any practical experience in packaging or printing, who intend to qualify and apply for jobs in these fields, etc.

Prominent experts from Bulgaria as well as from abroad –Brunton Publications – UK have been invited to write the articles to be published in each forthcoming number of the Package, Printing & Converting Magazine.

The web-site information includes some more details about the publication, the editorial and printing house staff, the main topics of the latest number, distribution pattern, advertising rates, subscription charge, etc.

A magazine by specialists for professionals

You can contact us at – op2005@abv.bg